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Just the other day, one of my friends called me up. She was literally in tears. The first thing she said was,



Neha, I’m frustrated sitting at home, just looking after my baby and doing nothing!
I asked, “I don’t see any problem in that. Try making some arrangements for your kid and start hunting for a job.”
She answered, “I want to work but at the same time I want to be there for him in flesh and blood. I want to give him all the love and security he is so deserving of. I want to bond with him. But at the same time I cannot stop thinking about myself. I want to enhance my career too.”
I said, “So what is stopping you? Look out for a job with convenient timings. That way you can work and also have ample time for your kid. It will be a win-win situation.”
My friend answered, “Easier said than done. There seems to be a dearth of jobs with flexi timings. It is either that you work full time or don’t work at all.”
This small conversation with my friend made me think that there are thousands of women here who are facing the same dilemma. Well, there are some fortunate ones who are working flexi hours (one of my acquaintances is working in ADOBE which believes in this concept)) and have the joy of fulfilling both; the responsibility to home as well their career. But my friend said rightfully that more flexi timings jobs should be created. The upcoming entrepreneurs can consider employing people part time; this way they don’t even have to pay EPF and other monetary benefits to their employees. The employees on the other hand will happily provide quality work since they have the liberty of choosing their work timings. So it is a win-win situation for all. What do say? Any suggestions?
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  1. Hey Neha, even I am of the opinion that we should have flexi time jobs. That would give the moms to be at the both the places and it would do a lot to boost their self confidence.
    Once, you are working, it becomes very difficult to just sit at home and look after you baby.
    I think, people rather organisations should start outsourcing work to 'qualified ladies at home', it would save them a lot overhead costs and in turn would help the mothers or ladies who cannot afford to go out of the house.

  2. Hemlata: Its never late… I had restarted my Job when my kid was 2 years 8 months old. But at another side I am still in dilemma that what i choose is right or wrong? Who is more important? My Kid or My Job? Atleast twice a day i fill to leave my job & twice a day i feel to continue… So Its very hard to make a decesion & to stick with it.

    I really feel that my presence at home make a huge diff in his behaviour.
    Its easy to say but to find the work from home is not that easy.

    Thanks Neha i know almost all mother of this age group child is in dilemma.

    All the best to all of you
    TC – Mrunal

  3. My thoughts are in line with the above.I myself have taken a break & for the past 3 years I am looking for a suitable part time job.Corporate India is yet to realise its importance.

  4. You can never be happy into something when you feel guilty about the other part of it.. If you want to work.. go ahead and work..

    I have alz believed Quality time spent with your baby is more important than the whole day spent. I am a mom of a 3 yr 3 mnth old boy.. n I think I am leading a complete life. Becoz when I go home, I have my son who is more of a friend to me and has lot to share about his day spent the way I have. We talk, have dinner together, study, play and have the best time every evening..

    I am personally happy about my life today as I am not compromising on my career or my motherhood. I am sure as he grows up, he wud look up to me and wud be proud of me too..

    So,along with being a proud mom, I am a proud woman too.. Please dont feel guilty in sparing some time in the day to yourself.. Its important. You can make others happy only if u r happy within…

  5. I was a s/w engineer before my son was born. I quit my job to give my child the love & care I got from my mom. Though I could satisfy my child, I was feeling low that I'm wasting my talents by just babysitting.But now, I'm working as a online tutor and i'm completely satisfied with it.

    There are a lot of online jobs available. If you want just job satisfaction rather than making money, then jobs aren't a problem.

  6. Now that's the spirit dear!! We need to find ways that suit our circumstances. Sometimes there are no simple solutions and sometimes there are! We just need to explore and find some.
    Hope we all get what we are looking for. And if we don't, then it's time to switch gears.

  7. Well who said that Parenting is easy?? In fact many-a-times in our lives we need to choose, we need to take tough decisions which have long-term effects.. and work vs home is definitely one of them.

    This decision is not only about the concerned woman but more about the child and his future and so it's really a tough call to take.

    Moreover there are no rules or guidelines in this game.. one can never be sure that bringing up a child as a homemaker shall make the child secure and emotionally balanced or a child with a working mother shall be more independent and successful.

    It's a tough decision to make but what is more important is that one should be ready to face the consequences of one's own decisions later in life… you cannot blame anyone else but yourself.. so go on.. decide!!

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