Who is your motivating force?

Who is your motivating force? Now why I have started this topic is because I feel very strongly that anecdotes and life stories of great people, and also the writings of eminent thinkers are the potential seeds of inspiration for our spongy minds. And it stands more so for young minds who are quite permeable and malleable. Thus I strongly feel that the school curriculum should pay emphasis on biographies of great people, to be taught from year to year ; great people who have made a niche for themselves in the history of times.
Some of my inspirational characters include Albert Einstein and his never ending dedication to his theories and going beyond the realm to prove them true; Mahatma Gandhi for his stark honesty and being a true spiritual leader of a vast nation like India; Swami Vivekananda for inspiring the youth of India to a strong character building. The list goes on and on…..
What are your inspirational characters? Please share with all the readers and enhance this flow of inspiration.
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  1. Even Albert Einstein Is My Inspiration from my childhood. He is soo simple and a great a humanitarian. He is my inspiration for all my inventions that i had made till now….

  2. @ Expert Business- Thanks.
    @ Manoj Albert Einstein is the most inspirational character for almost everyone. No wonder he was crowned the man of the millennium.
    About LIFE- who has ever understood life! So why not, on a lighter note, just live it:)

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