What You Don’t Know

  • Do you know whether we created God or God created us? Is God a virtual manifestation of our mind that we have started believing in it as real?
  • What lies deep inside an infant’s mind? What does an infant dream of? How does an infant think? Can YOU think wordlessly like an infant must be doing?
  • How can chaos result in perfection? I am talking about the inception of the universe? Will it again go back to the same chaos from which it erupted? What must have been there before Big Bang, before the birth of universe? What is there beyond the universe?
  • Have you ever wondered why exactly you and I are here on this Earth? Do we have a purpose? Or do we just Eat, Pray, Love (pun intended) and vanish into oblivion? What is the purpose of this drama of birth and death? 
  • Have you ever stood or even imagined standing on the edge of time? How the edge of universe must look like?
  • What must have gone inside the minds of great people that made them so? Why the ratio of great people verses mediocre people never reversed since thousands and thousands of years?
  • Can you ever hold back time? Can you ever defy ageing? Can we all ever go back to Pandora’s Box time? Is that even possible?
Sometimes the mist lifts up and one can see a clear glimpse into the answers of such self-exploratory questions but, just for a fleeting moment. Even Swami Vivekananda has said that a man’s mind is limited, very limited. It can just comprehend and retrospect up to a certain limit only. And certain truths are beyond the comprehension of a normal human mind. And this is where METAPHYSICS comes into picture; Metaphysics- The Science of the Unknown. 
So, my friends, lets stretch our minds to unimaginable limits and make that capable to Realize and Embrace the answers we seek. Till then, keep exploring the mysteries of your mind that can throw you beyond the realm of reality, beyond the limit of imagination and into the infinite universe.
Au Revoir!
This post has been written as part of #Barathon challenge, hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. 
Today, August 2nd 2016 prompt is  What You Don’t Know.
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  1. Interesting questions and they surely making me think and ponder on! I am fascinated by question 2 and what children think and dream of has crossed my mind many times!

  2. Neha, good to see a fellow book clubber participating in the BarAThon :) If only we could get the answers to all these interesting questions, great take on the prompt.

  3. Yeah, it's a pleasure to participate in the BarAThon. I am pushing myself to write and at the same time loving all the different perspectives of fellow bloggers. Thanks for the encouraging words, Sulekha.

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