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The Real Heroes

Guest Blog Post by Nidhi Seth Khanna

We are a nation obsessed with youth icons like film actors and superstars. Children want to imitate the style of the people in the showbiz and do not realize that all what they see is an eye-wash… It is not the real thing but an image which is cleverly crafted and presented before us.
The real heroes are the ones who work behind the scenes and many of whom die unknown and unsung. A few days back I came across a small news item which stated that 17 soldiers died in an avalanche due to heavy snow-fall in Srinagar. This was mentioned on the 6th page of the news paper and appeared almost insignificant. But the headline on the first page of the leading daily boldly shouted how demonstrations were being held in Mumbai against as well as in support of actor Shahrukh Khan’s comments prior to the release of his movie My Name is Khan.
Is this the kind of importance deserved by our soldiers who leave their cozy homes and families behind to guard and protect us? Some people may argue that these soldiers are just doing their work and are paid for their services. It is true to a certain extent but what is Shahrukh Khan doing? Isn’t he doing his work? Why is there such a hue and cry about a movie or an actor and not about those SEVENTEEN FAMILIES who lost their dear ones and maybe the only earning member in their family? The whole of Mumbai police came into action so that the movie could be released safely but what about the safety of those policemen whose lives were at stake for this movie?
This is not fair. This disparity should be bridged. We need to teach our children who the real heroes are and who they should look up to. This is not about just doing a job but doing it with zeal and passion. People choose this as a career despite knowing that the returns shall be insignificant. It is not easy staying away from home at minus 40 degree temperature with almost no means of communication leave alone entertainment… life’s tough and we need to respect those heroes who brave it all for US!!
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  1. Hi Seema Syed,
    Thanks for your comments. I'd like to highlight once again that we all need to weigh how much importance we should be paying to a certain issue and how much we can ignore another one keeping in mind the importance of the role played by any issue or person in our lives…

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