The Lost Art Of Knitting

One of my acquaintances recently talked about her undying love for knitting. She is presently knitting a bright red colored sweater with lovely motifs on it. This conversation made me go into my reverie once again. A common sight of yester-years (a lady sitting serenely and knitting) is a rare phenomenon these days. My own late grandmother was an expert on knitting and my mom followed in her footsteps. But unfortunately, I did not hold on to this love for knitting. I just know the nitty-gritty of it; not enough to teach or demonstrate this art to my daughter.
This is how things change from generation to generation. This is how history is made from time to time. These simple things show how life flows on like a river, meandering along its course through the passage of time, taking some sediment with it, and leaving some behind.
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  1. Thanks to my dear batchmate from KMC Mangalore..It would have been great to know who excatly has written this acknowledgement :)
    Anyway it's great to be meeting at this platform. In fact your comment has reminded me to continue this blog which has been neglected by me for a while.

  2. I still love those sweaters and my daughter too.. She is lucky that her grandmom knit for her but sad that her kid wont be that lucky.
    Actually we get so busy in entering into professional world that we forget our traditional arts… feel bad about it

  3. @ Shilpa This gradual fading of our traditional arts and culture make me sad too. But I guess this is how our priorities change, times change, thereby evolving into a new world.

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