The Best Kind of Happiness

A New Perspective

We all have our phases of happiness, sadness and the in-between states of numbness.

Isn’t it?

There is nothing like eternal happiness unless one is totally enlightened. There is nothing like eternal sadness unless one is clinically depressed.

We all are mostly in states of ‘emotional indifference’– an auto mode of base line emotions.

Try to remember the times when you were happy. Was there a cause to your happiness? If yes, then there will definitely come a phase of sadness. Because you have pinned your emotions on ‘causes’.

Causes, situations, motives are like chains that bind and rule your emotions. There is nothing more sad than letting yourself be enslaved by outer circumstances.

It is best to tune out from external factors, be it your success, or your child’s achievements or your relationships.

Enjoy everything but as a spectator.

If you are able to apply that skill to your life, believe me, you will be truly HAPPY.

The best kind of happiness is when there is no reason for it.

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  1. So true Neha! All f us r so obsessed with the material world around us that we forget that the very source f happiness is our own innerself. All these years I was toiling to make an identity fr myself professionally. It did bring along a sense f achievement but what really fills my heart is still as simple as watching early rising sun or listening to a happy song or going fr a walk or spending time with my children. If only we could hit d pause button, freeze this very moment and immerse our souls in the inner bliss😍

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Priyanka. You are so fortunate to have understood this….many people around are still seeking this simple happiness. Best wishes always.

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