Science Made Simple

• “How does an air plane fly?”
• “How does a ship float?”
• “How do birds migrate without maps?”
• “How do birds sit on high tension wires and do not get electrocuted?”
Can your kid answer these simple science questions? If yes, then great! If no, then it’s not your kid who is at fault but our entire education system. We need to bring a radical change in our education system; and for that we need to first create awareness amongst ourselves. What is ‘science education’, if not breaking complex stuff into simpler ones? Simple questions require simple answers. Science is all around us, in us, with us. It is not in books. Every person, be it a rickshaw puller, laborer, etc on earth is applying science in his daily routine. It’s just that he doesn’t understand its basics? That’s where our education comes into play.
We need to have lesson plans for teaching science not prospectively, but retrospectively; not by books, rote learning but by field work primarily and then supporting that by class room teaching. Science is a dynamic subject and so is our mind. Science cannot be contained in books; it needs to be pushed out of the text books and into our daily lives.
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