Proud To Be a Home-maker

Guest Blog Post by Nidhi Seth Khanna

It’s very seldom that you’d hear a house-wife saying that she’s proud to be one. These days almost all ladies are well educated and usually have experience of working in the industry or being associated with something creative in some form or the other. But they need to stay at home due to some family commitment or the other. We ladies often feel frustrated and left-out but I feel that this should not be so.

Just as the back-end is essential for any business enterprise or organization, an efficient, effective and reliable support system is needed for all families. With the break-up of the joint-family system, the task of looking after the children lies entirely with the parents and usually the females have to sacrifice their careers for this. But if both the partners are going out for work, the families need to rely on hired-help to keep their lives on track and this might not be a very good option. As a strong back-bone cannot be replaced by anything else the unconditional support which the lady of the house can offer to its family members cannot be matched by anything else.

The achievements of the husband and the children should be credited to the lady first and foremost because if it hadn’t been for her they probably would not have achieved anything. After all, if one is emotionally disturbed or mentally out-of-place or physically tired doing humdrum chores how much can one achieve? So we ladies should feel proud to be home-makers because we choose to be so and are the ones who make a house a home worth coming to!!
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  1. Absolutely true. But it becomes difficult to accept real facts and be at home sacrificing your career. May be women who have left their careers for the sake of family should try to do something from home and keep their frustration at bay apart from forming a strong backbone for the family as u said.Women are very good at multi-tasking and can do this easily.

  2. Hi Nidhi….
    I am one such home maker who feels my need at home with kids is more important than getting accolades from big corporate firms….! Yet there are times when I get totally irritated with my life… its during moments like those, when a post like yours lifts my spirits! Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Mickey,
    I agree with you that all ladies should try to look for alternatives when they are not able to go out and work. But the point is that they should not feel depressed and left-out. They need to realize that running a household and raising children is utmost important for the well being of the family and so what they are doing cannot be brushed aside as un-meaningful!! They should take pride in doing whatever they are doing abd also command respect and recognition from their family members!!

  4. Hi kn0609,
    I'm happy that you liked my post and I can certainly understand your feelings. Always remember that the grass is greener on the other side. When you're feeling low, remind yourself of all the things you can do with your free time and energy which a working woman cannot do, like going for a long walk or the gym once the hubby and kids are out of the house, listening to music while taking a leisurely bath, enjoying a hot cup of tea or cofee sitting by the window-sill or simply going out for window-shopping. Believe me, all working women crave to do all this but can't :)

  5. Hi Nidhi,

    Its really good to read your post. I being a working mother really find it difficult to manage things and have resorted to a day care arrangement for my daughter. But as a working women it would be difficult for me to stay at home after working for 5+ years. Sometimes I feel that its better to stay at home and take care of family. Since Iam in a joint family , staying at home for me will kill my creativity, and i may get depressed. This was my experienc when I took a break of few month post delivery. If your inlaws are supportive everything seems easier, but that wasnt in my case. However, I really respect my mom for sacrificing all her life for children and ensuring that we become good person, and thats what all homemakers do and to be respected for that.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    Thankyou for your comments. I really look up to you for being able to manage your job as well as your family. I agree with you that nothing can replace a good support system but there are two sides of same coin. Many women who are living in a joint-family feel frustrated while those who are not living with their in-laws find it difficult to go out and work as they cannot rely on anyone to look after their home and children. So it is on the individual to take a call and decide what's best for her!!

  7. Hi Nidhi,

    It true that an individual has to take a call. There are always pros and cons of everything. After reading your reply I feel that we have to look at what advantages we have and make best of life. Thanks a lot.


  8. Hi Vandana,
    I'm happy to see that you're following our blog regularly and it's really nice that we are able to share our views and feelings with each other. You are doing a wonderful job and I wish you all the best…

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