SSR: More Than An Actor

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has opened up a can of worms.

Bollywood doesn’t want people with brains
Bollywood doesn’t want people with talent
Bollywood doesn’t want people with soul

What Bollywood does want is perhaps mediocre artists who can dance to their whims and fancies, and perhaps get into their couch. Yes, I am also talking about casting couch phenomenon!  What Bollywood wants is perhaps its own progeny to lead, whose perspective on life is limited not even to the four walls of their mansion but just to a self-made halo around themselves.

Bollywood has become a private company of a few pea brained, complex ridden and morally bereft people. And these people are making movies that influence society! A skewed phenomenon indeed.

Bollywood, you have stooped to a new low, even by your own standards…

Bollywood heroes are NOT the heroes of society. They never were. They are simply entertainers, some may be good but most mediocre. I am penning this poem in memory of Sushant Singh Rajput, a humble soul whose life, work and words spoke of science and spirituality. He was more than an actor.

Sushant Singh Rajput was a real life hero, talented artist, an intellectual and a soulful human who inspired several lives in his brief stint with this world.

Stop Calling Actors as Heroes

Heroes are people
whose work saves lives
who stand up for ideals,
whose lives are set in integrity,
who help society to evolve scientifically & spiritually.

Any person can be a hero irrespective
of profession, religion, nationality or gender.

Let’s stop calling actors as heroes.
They are simply entertainers.

Actors may be influencers 
But they misunderstood themselves to be intellectuals!
Directors may direct the course of the movies
Now they have started directing people’s lives!
Producers may finance the movies
Now they seem to finance people’s deaths!

Perhaps the reel and real life got impossibly tangled
for these entertainers….
or shall we call them conspirators…criminals!

Are these the minds from where creativity sprouts!
I shudder to think what muck they spill onto society!
Is this what you call talent?
I wonder what is their yardstick for talent…A family name?

It’s time we stop letting entertainers influence our society.
We need INTELLECTUALS and SPIRITUALISTS now more than ever.
It’s time we stop calling actors as heroes.
They are simply entertainers.


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