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I always feel that this world we live in still has hope till the time there are people like Ritu Bhardwaj. Ritu is one of those people who have fought with her own demons, and have come out not bitter but stronger than before. She has a very positive outlook of helping others who are in the same boat.

A glimpse into beautiful souls

Ritu Bhardwaj is the founder of Connected, a community of the women, by the women and for the women. She is a freelance journalist with about 13+ years of experience in media. Ritu is a strong believer of positive journalism. She has also worked at Aamir Khan Productions as a Senior Creative Associate. Currently she is working as  director at Zindagi with Richa.  She enjoys her blissful motherhood with her two lovely kids. However she faced mental health issues during her second pregnancy. Therefore her own experience coupled with her inclination towards social issues inspired the birth of this social community – Connected.

Ritu Bhardwaj: Founder of Connected
Ritu Bhardwaj: Founder of Connected


Team of Connected
Team of Connected

In this amazing journey of hers, she is joined by Priyanka Rai who plays the role of the moderator of this group. Priyanka is a very passionate and positive soul. She is always ready to give her time and energy for social initiatives.

Later Rajani Sen also joined her as the admin of the group. She does a lot of background work for Connected. Rajani is a mother of two and a talented writer. Currently she is also working with Doordarshan.

Connected: About the enterprise

This is a community of the women, by the women and for the women, working towards creating a happy, healthy and positive society. Connected is determined to help, support, inspire and empower every woman around.

Ritu started this venture with the intent to work on mental health issues. She strongly felt the need to create a community with no space for loneliness, anxiety and pain.

“We believe that as women are the backbone of any family,  only a happy mom can create a happy home. Keeping this in mind, we conducted our first event on Mother’s day 2019 to discuss the idea of happiness, healthy mind and body.”- Ritu Bhardwaj

Connected, an online community of like-minded women has always been at the forefront of celebrating women,

  • Their power to create something new.
  • Their innate ability to challenge the old and pave way for new.
  • All the wonderful ways in which they connect the dots to make the world a better place for you and me.
    A glimpse from the Mother's Day Event
    A glimpse from the Mother’s Day Event

Connected: It’s beliefs

“We strongly believe that women of all hues have the quality to be called the real change-makers. We at Connected want to activate a wide network of social entrepreneurs, educators, environmentalists, innovators, business leaders, policymakers and activists to be inspired to become the change that we want to see around us.”

One quality that sets these women change-makers apart is their empathy towards the world outside. It has helped them identify a specific problem to tackle and do something about providing a solution to it as well. But it doesn’t stop there. These change-makers are relentless in their approach.

As an inspiring change-maker George Roter says, “Everyone has change-making in their DNA; it’s just a matter of unlocking it.”

Connected: Who can connect?

They had conducted a Meet and Greet event at Cloudnine Hospital, Sector 47, Gurugram on July 27, 2019. It was a step to unlock that change-making in our DNA for a better tomorrow.

“Recently we have started a project ” Connected By Art” where we are joining hands with artists, housewives who do art and craft work. Our motive behind this is to use the art techniques to tackle mental health issues. Also we want to create a platform where people can pursue their passion for art into profession”

Many mental health professionals, nutritionist, doctors, environmentalists are also part of Connected. The Connected core team is also working for concerns like Environment, plantation and waste management.

When I met Connected

Recently I was invited by Ritu Bhardwaj and Priyanka Rai- from Connected for a live Facebook talk show.  It was indeed a wonderful opportunity to meet Ritu and interact with her in person. Her humble demeanour and positive vibes caught on to me. We have since decided to take some concrete steps and work selflessly for the mental health issues of our society.

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    1. Hello Ritu,

      It is always a pleasure to promote enterprises like you who are doing good for the society. Keep lighting people’s paths. All the best for future ventures.

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