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Have you heard about Psychosis?

Psychosis is a thought disorder, a type of mental health issue. Here the thought processes of an individual get disrupted.These disruptions in brain can lead to features of delusions and hallucinations. A person may hear voices or see people who are not there. These are hallucinations. Sometimes the individual may have false beliefs. He may believe that someone is stalking him or making plans to kill him, when in reality that might not be true. Such false beliefs are termed as delusions.

Psychosis re-programs the brain in a different way. The perception of reality changes for that individual.


What is FEP and which age group is more affected by it?

FEP means First Episode Psychosis. When an individual suffers from delusions or hallucinations for first time in life, it is termed as FEP (First Episode Psychosis). It is typically seen in younger age group, mainly teens or individuals in their 20s.  Such episodes may lead the patient into social withdrawal. Some people may recover and never have a repeat of a psychotic episode. On the other hand some may suffer from recurrent episodes of psychosis.


What are the steps to be taken if a person has psychosis?

In either cases, an individual needs immediate psychiatric evaluation and management. The newer management plans now are more comprehensive and recovery oriented and personally tweaked to suit the individual needs as per the patient’s condition and social circumstances.


Nothing in this world can torment you as much as your own thoughts.” – Ali B. Moe

This brief article is simply meant to help you become more aware about psychotic episodes and how to identify them. If you found this blog post helpful, please share it and also let me know in your comments.

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