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It was just a few days back when I found my maid mulling over her dreadful financial condition. It seems that her husband is a chronic alcoholic, who not only spends all his earnings on procuring liquor but also takes way her hard earned money for the same. They have a 3 year old daughter, and naturally my maid was worried about her future. She wants her kid to study in a good school and follow a career path, unlike hers. But it seems a dream far fetched for her.
All this made me ponder a while. My husband has been donating a relevant sum of money to CRY foundation. I thought that instead of sponsoring for an unknown kid’s education, why not first spend that money for the education of my maid’s daughter. After all, her mother works for us; isn’t it our duty to help them in times of need. So I have decided to financially adopt her daughter and see to it that that she studies in a good school and take up a respectable and fulfilling career.
Please do not misunderstand; I am not discouraging anyone from funding organizations like CRY. On the contrary, I wish to encourage people to try donating to people around you and if that is not possible, then you have many NGOs’ and other organizations for the same.
Charity begins at home
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