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Guardian’s Angel – Part 2

[Continues from Guardian’s Angel – Part 1]

And then,
Wham! Bang!
A shooting pain in my head, and
my eyes flew open,
my muddled mind gropes for reality.
Where am I, I wonder?

I see myself on the damp ground, and
an ugly, stout fellow towering over me.
He seems to be shouting furiously at me, but
I cannot comprehend anything.
My head is throbbing badly.

This overpowering man
lifts me up roughly by my collar.
I hear him shout, “You lazy bum, sleeping on your duty.
How dare you!
I did not employ you as a guard of your angels,
but to guard against thieves!”
Saying this, he marched off in a huff.

And I stood there, frozen like a statue
my shoulders slumped,
my eyes with a faraway look.
I sighed! Alas!
It was just a dream,
a mere dream,
a pleasant dream on a wet, callous bench.
And a dream’s a dream; nothing more
And dreams never always come true
Or , do they?
I wonder??

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  1. Was it the dream in the previous part….. or was it the night he was feeling ?

    I must say, a very nice pick of the subject… truly original thinking….

  2. @ DJ: Whether it was a dream or a an imagery of his bottled up emotions……it's the readers' take :) Thank you for the encouraging words; it's the first time I have tried my hand at fiction.

  3. Very well written, I liked your earlier post as well on americanization of India, thanks for voting for my post on indiblogger, I've added you to my network on indiblogger, hope to interact more with you in future !

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