From A Cynical Point Of View

Evolution of Humans

History is fascinating. The present is one’s own perspective and the future is hidden. But hopping between these time eras, I wonder that has the human race really evolved during its long journey of hundreds and thousands of years!

In the past, we fought with clubs, then swords, and later with bows and arrows; now there are guns, missiles and bombs for the same.
In the past, we played games, both outdoor sports and board games for amusement; now we just glue our eyes to screen for entertaining ourselves. Active entertainment of the past has changed to a passive entertainment now.
In the past, we used our vocal chords for communication; now we play dumb and use our fingers on phone for communicating.
In the past,  we never needed to package anything; now packaging is quite essential and the stuff inside is almost of inconsequential value.
In the past, we used our feet for walking, then animals and now we have machines to carry our weight.
In the past, we prayed to nature Gods (air, sun, water, fire) and now we exploit the same nature for our own luxuries.
In the past, we used our mind for calculations and remembering stuff; now we have calculators and reminders for the same. Likewise we used to think new ideas in the past but now we just google them.

Have our thoughts or our actions evolved with time?

Earlier, we humans fought like savages in greed of territories and treasures; we still do the same. Earlier we fought in the name of religion; we still do the same.

Then and now, our actions and motives remain unchanged. But what has changed is the mode of doing them. Machines have evolved over times, thereby reducing our mental and physical work (still we complain of lack of time!) So who is evolving eventually? We, the human race, who is outsourcing its faculties to inanimate objects or the machines that are gradually taking over the human race? Think about it.

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  1. This was a sarcastic yet a true remark on our behaviorism. And yes, you can't deny that we involved..but backwards! Life could have been a lot simpler had we still enjoyed the stone-age?

  2. well, thought provoking. Too many things brought to the table while you were making comparisons.
    Nice one…
    Personally, I believe, its not the machines that are evolving but the proclivity of humans towards out-of-the-box thinking that is causing the evolution. One positive take away :)

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