Fragile Lives

Nano Stories

These are nano stories, inspired from real life incidents. These true stories shed glimpse into some of the bitter-sweet fragile lives around us.

He loved learning but hated exams,
He liked answering questions but hated mark-sheets.
He loved his life but hated stress.
And one fine day, he went to the railway tracks,
To bury this stress forever and ever.
(Story #1: From a student’s diary)


They scarred her body with their lustful sin.
She wanted to kill this body, that now no more felt hers.
(Story #2: From a rape victim’s diary)

His 30 year old son died today, his father didn’t shed a tear.
The love had died long back, only his body left today.
(Story #3: From a father’s diary)

The lonely child wanted love.
She went and slept on the grave, her mom’s grave.
(Story #4: From an orphan’s diary)

But wait…
These stories do not end here, my friends…
Life goes on…

This boy’s mother now works with an NGO and takes counseling sessions for students in distress. She has helped many a student’s life from being ruined. No amount of work can blunt the pain of her son’s death. But she is content to have found a way to her son’s soul.
(Story #1: From a student’s diary)

This young girl, who was traumatized and physically abused, had thought of killing herself once. But then, being a brave soul, she decided to live her life on her own terms. She has now enrolled into a Law college. She dreams of becoming a lawyer and fight for justice for other victims like her. What was done to her can never ever be undone. But fighting for others like her may give her heart some solace.
(Story #2: From a rape victim’s diary)

Many years back, this father-son duo had separated apart on bitter terms. He had not talked to his son since then. And now, he got the news that his 30 year old son has passed away due to heart attack. His emotions blunted, he was numb with shock. Today, his solitary existence feels like a burden to himself. He has nothing left but the tears of repentance.
(Story #3: From a father’s diary)

This lonely orphan is now a happy mother of a 5 year old boy- the same age when she used to crave for her mother’s love. And now she showers that love on her son, the love she was once so desperate for. Life comes a full circle.
(Story #4: From an orphan’s diary)

This post has been written as part of #Barathon challenge, hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.

Today, August 3rd, 2016 prompt is Fragile Lives.

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  1. This one left me teary eyed n ma mind turned into a cocktail f emotions…initially out f anger n helplessness…later realising the strength f one positive bold step! Just a ray f hope is what one needs to hold on to vanish the ugly dark reality…..thoughtfully put together in this write up!

  2. Interesting, evocative and inspiring short stories of characters that are so true to life. Loved the conclusion (or continuation) of the stories!

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