Education Breeds Mediocrity

I read this article “Take a Right Turn “in newspaper today where the author mentions about brain tilt in India. I totally agree with his notions that Indians on an average are left-minded people; they have a better logical and analytical thinking skill, but lack in terms of creativity and innovation which seem the forte of the right-minded people.

Why is this peculiar trait seen in Indians?

Do we truly lack original and creative thinkers?

Probably! And the reason behind this might be our redundant education system and our the upbringing also to some extent. All kids are creative, inquisitive, and love challenges. But as they grow up these qualities seem to disappear gradually. Why? I think it’s because we as a society curb their uniqueness, their creativity and push them to follow the ‘safer path‘ , or ‘a path taken by majority‘, or ‘a path which gives good returns in terms of fame and finance’, but never a path which is of one’s own calling.

As a young girl in my school, I always found school education stifling my mind. Figuratively speaking, education assumes that there is a wall around the human mind and it goes one step further in cementing it by creating doors and windows in those imaginary walls. How more foolish can one get! The mind is endless, boundless, infinite like the cosmos.
It saddens me to say that most of our educational institutions have become xerox machines, producing loads of xerox individuals year after year.The present day education system is stifling one’s creative potential. The kids are losing their originality and individuality. This kind of system breeds mediocrity and in present times we have started celebrating mediocrity! In fact this is the root cause of our failure to produce good leaders. We are conditioning the kids from the very beginning to follow the footsteps rather than making their own footprints. Then, how can our nation expect the birth of any leader, forget good or bad
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  1. Interesting post and what you said about Indian educational institutions becoming xerox machines producing xerox individuals. I'd be curious to see how the Indian educational system compares with the not-so-good/backward American educational system vs. say a European country. Will follow you on LI or are you on Facebook?

  2. Hello! Thought provoking posting.

    Perhaps some of the problem would be how our educational system is getting away from teaching the "arts", perhaps that is affecting creativity?!

    Thanks for sharing!

    CCO OutMaturity

  3. @ Avon Lady That's great!

    @ Penelope I do not have much information regarding the education system in America and Europe. However, my take on this is that if the brains of any country primarily shift towards the education industry, then we can see tremendous improvement in this stream.

    @ Michael You have a point here; we need to push young minds to nurture free thoughts and expressions; and promoting 'art' is one of the ways to encourage this.

  4. I wish if you could have elaborated a bit more on the topic, overall, the message you wanted to convey has been sent across.

    A change will happen, just a matter of time, Permanence of nothing is guaranteed. The education system would also change subject to awakening of nation.

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