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Earth’s Fury

The natural disaster which struck Japan recently is a warning sign for all, that our Earth is getting choked; and in response, the Earth shuddered and threw back what we, as humans have been giving  it for so many years.
We need to create immediate reforms in our lifestyle to suit nature and not to change nature to suit our lifestyle.
The first step towards this lifestyle reform is to change our attitude. Banish the western or rather American philosophy of ‘use and throw’. Instead we need to revert back to our (Indian) eco-friendly culture which promotes the theory of ‘use and re-use’ or ‘use and recycle’. Moreover, all countries in the world should unite and pledge to shift the focus of research from defense, electronic gadgets, and so on, to the tapping of solar energy (which is freely available) and using it cost effectively and efficiently.
Individually, let us all pledge to take small but concrete steps to save water, grow more trees and switch off electrical appliances when not in use. This is just a beginning and we need to do much more to save our planet Earth. Let’s start now.
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  1. @ Mashhood and Tarun It is sad to see what Japan is facing but then (as Tarun said) every nation hits back; talk about human resilience! But it's time to move back and give a second thought to our actions towards or rather against the mother Earth.

  2. I think most of the troubles for Japan were created by Humans. Tsunami lasted for a day or maybe 2, but the nuclear disaster will haunt them for years to come by.

    And yes, use and re-use is the way to go ahead. An example of a company which has largely made a mockery of this is Apple. Dozens of products are being thrown away by people to get the latest versions. Isn't their any responsibility on the company?

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