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Earth Rentals

What do you pay to Mother Earth for staying and using its depleting resources? Have you ever wondered about it? We live in a world where we get what we give. So, its payback time now; the longstanding dues which we all Earthians have to pay with interest. Following are some of my ideas for earth rentals. You are most welcome to add to the list.
 Fix a day (as per your convenience) to celebrate Earth Hour every month. I am planning to do it on the last day of every month. Be more energy (electrical) efficient at home. Use CFLs, minimize the use of ACs, keep your power points switched off when not in use.
Do not throw away single sided printed pamphlets, brochures or any other such papers. Use their backsides for rough work or tear them into halves/quarters for small notes. Avoid using disposable plates and spoons. Avoid using paper napkins or paper tissues. Switch back to the old fashioned hand towels and cloth handkerchiefs. Do not discard used bags (cloth, jute or polythene). Re use them till they wear off. Take your own cloth or jute bags for shopping.
Plant a tree in your lawn/neighbourhood every year.
Last but not the least; take a day off from all machines and gadgets using power. Do not use phones, television, DVD player, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, fans, air conditioners, computers and laptops, internet and even your car. You’ll get a feel of what kind of life your kids/grandkids would experience after we have devoured the earth of its resources!
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  1. Good ideas . Implicit in the idea of tenancy is that the property is well maintained . Considering that our (rental) dues to the Earth are enormous at present.

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