Do our VEDAS need a Foreign Stamp?

A Satire

I fail to understand our people’s apathy towards understanding their own religion and rich heritage. Why we Indians are so susceptible towards adopting new cults, new practices? There is nothing wrong in embracing new ideas and different beliefs. But why abhor the idea of reviving our dwindling culture or avoid looking into our roots and our own texts that are brimming with spiritual and intellectual treasure? Are we waiting for a foreign nod? Would we keep twiddling our thumbs until people from other nationalities and foreign-authored books work on reviving our waning confidence in our own Vedic teachings?

It deeply saddens my heart to use these harsh words but I have never met more ignorant people like us Indians who have such rich treasure back home and they are searching for it everywhere outside of them! Everything that we have discarded including our philosophy of Buddhism, Yoga and Vedanta have been taken away by foreigners, given a new look and presented back to us in a foreign, garnished package. And we Indians, so blindly and ecstatically embrace that with open arms!

Many centuries have passed… Buddhism that is based upon the Upanishad teachings, Buddhism that is an off-shoot of Hinduism, Buddhism that has its roots in India, is an integral part of Indian culture. Gautam Buddha, popularly known as Shakyamuni gave birth to Buddhism that was widely spread across and outside India by Samrat Ashoka. People from Japan and China inspired by the Land of Buddha came to India, imbibed our philosophy, clothed it in their own garb and gave that back to us. It is no more ours; It’s a foreign cult, mutated Buddhism that we are embracing.

It is like making noodles out of roti and fooling ourselves into believing that those noodles are better than roti.

The same will happen with yoga. The yoga asanas, an integral part of our yoga teaching have now been practised worldwide. But sadly who recognizes yoga with India, who gives India the credit for its thousands of years old form of exercise. Yoga is almost lost to us as part of our rich heritage. The same is going to happen with Vedanta. Mark my words…centuries from now, this Vedic philosophy so advanced and immortal with time is going to be taken away by foreigners, packaged into attractive clothes and would be given back to us. And that’s when we will start relishing it, when it will remain no more ours.

The foreigners don’t need to invade our lands now, to snatch our treasures; they have already invaded our minds and souls.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to look down upon people who follow different faith or alternative methods of spirituality. It is only meant to be an eye-opener. Embrace all beliefs but take pride in what’s yours, or at least make an effort to know about it.

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