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Creative Cravings

Do you ever have those unbearable bursts of creative cravings that make you restless, the feel of passionate art waiting to simply bubble forth.
Has the artist in you ever felt…
A creative urge like dipping your hands in colours to paint an intense picture…no paint brushes…just the touch and feel of paints on your fingers and how they come alive to turn a blank, white canvas into a magnificent painting.
The intense heat of efforts on a clay wheel where your hands are immersed in wet clay, your fingers playing to give a shape, an identity to the mound of clay.
Singing a nostalgic song on a misty morning or humming it along with the buzz of crickets on a moonlit night…a soft song that brings back some memories of the past, unlocking many buried emotions inside the heart.
Penning down those words stuck somewhere deep inside for long and now waiting to spill over on paper…to get wonderfully interwoven into a marvelous piece of writing.
The skin grow warm with a few steps of dancing…that passionate dance in the rain…the uninhibited dance of a free soul…dancing with the eyes closed and a smile playing on the lips. Have you ever felt the profound intensity of weightlessness of your own body while dancing?
The tingling in your body, the warmth in the heart with that intense look in your lover’s eyes…that passionate embrace…the lingering sensation of that slow, deep kiss on your lips.
The sheen of tears in your eyes, the numbness inside interspersed with marvel when you suddenly stumble upon a surreal patch of silent nature at dusk…the kind of nature that leaves you spellbound and goads the artist inside you.

This is not the silent, embedded passion but the intense, dynamic passionate creativity that hits one now and then to metamorphosize into soulful creativity. Sometimes this fiery passion gets layered amidst tons of responsibilities; smoldering inside to bubble forth. You will always see the creator’s heart in his ART. No soulful and real art has ever been created without intense emotions.

CREATIVITY is passion personified and PASSION is poisoned by emotions.


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