Book Review: COUPLEHOOD by Paul Reiser

We recently discussed Paul Reiser’s Couplehood in our Noida Moms Book Club. Everybody wanted a ‘light’ read especially after Ira Pande’s Apradhini that was full of gory crime stories. Hence this book was selected to draw a few laughs. 

This is one of those books that is full of typical American humour, and sadly I am (may be) one of the endangered species who is unable to appreciate that kind of humour! As the name suggests, this book is supposed to be about the funny and amusing anecdotes in married life. Unfortunately I couldn’t much appreciate the funny side of these incidents apart from a select few. The author just brushes the surface of marital relationships. The narrative is weak, on the verge of desperate attempt to make it hilarious. There seems to be no depth, no insightful anecdotes and simply no take-aways from the book. To put it short, the book is a ‘junk read’.
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I guess such amusing anecdotes are better voiced than written because they need the support of comical timing and voice modulations. But I must mention that the author had quite an innovative way of starting the book…the book starts from page number 145.
Here are a few phrases from the book that I liked:
  • When two people live in one place, their individual habits get amplified.
  • Enjoy the small things in life, because the big things may never come.
So pick it up if you have nothing better to read.

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