Bali By The Beach

Bali and Beaches go hand in hand. The southern Bali, in fact is considered as a Surfer’s paradise. All around one can see people carrying their surfboards along the beaches. The sea is full of surfing enthusiasts- some learning how to surf, some practising their new-found skill while others deftly dancing over the speeding waves.
The beaches of Kuta, Seminyak and Legion area are very crowded; however the accomodation there is relatively cheaper as compared to the resorts at Nusa Dua. However Nusa Dua boasts of cleaner and calmer beaches. If you want to experience the ‘real’, ‘party-hard’ kind of Bali, go to Kuta, Seminyak or Legian. However, if you are looking for the perfect relaxing trip, head to Nusa Dua.
Since I am not a water-person, I was content with spending my evening time, enjoying sunset, with a Bintang in hand at Legion beach. Despite being crowded and touristy, it has a very spirited (no pun intended!) atmosphere- A few surfers gambling with the sea-waves, children playing with kites on the sandy beach, another person getting a massage done while watching the sunset, families and friends sitting and chatting, girls getting nail art done by nail-artists. Nail painting and hair braiding are much in demand all around Bali.
Sunset at Legion Beach
Legion Beach
Its a crime to goto Bali and not try the famous Bintang beer ;)
The streets are sprawled with numerous superstores, opened 24*7. And that’s not all…most of these stores sell alcohol and ready to eat stuff, like cup n noodles! Not only this, most of them have open air seating outside their stores. So just walk in these stores anytime of the day (or night!), grab a bottle of beer and cup n noodles for the little one. They even provide you with ready boiling water for those ‘Ready-To-Eat packets!! Sit outside, drink, eat and make merry. Somewhere from around you will surely hear some loud music or live bands!! Its amazing! Its an effervescent atmosphere all around the city. The streets are full of brightly lit cafes, bubbling with lots of conversation, sea-food and music.This is one of the pictures I took at 4pm and this Mini Mart is already full with tourists.
Street View, Kuta
After you are tired of just lazing around at the beaches and in the city, take out time for a flying visit to Tanah Lot Temple. Though it was just a few kilometers from Kuta, it took us almost 3 hours to reach it. Normally it takes 45 minutes from Kuta to Tanah Lot. But the traffic was crazy that day. The temple was a bit of a disappointment though. Firstly, it was extremely crowded; secondly it was only partly open and I hated not able to go to the top of the temple; and thirdly the area around the temple was very dirty. However the brighter part of Tanah Lot visit was its picturesque sunset and the sea around.
A note to tourists: Don’t bother about sarong or even dressing moderately. Make a short stopover at Jimbaran Bay when returning from Tanah Lot.
Tanah Lot Temple
Sea Waves @ Tanah Lot
The beachside Bali is perfect for honeymooners, party-lovers and sea-food enthusiasts. Dont forget to carry your sunscreen and hat for beachy Bali!
Stay tuned….more on Bali in my next post.
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