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Awakening Of A Nation

August 16th – 28th, Year 2011:
This period of time will be etched in Indian history with golden dust. Obviously, I am talking about Team Anna’s Anti-Corruption movement, which can be best defined as:
A fast that stopped the nation, made it think and retrospect. Or, to put it crudely, a mass movement that gave the government a much needed chemotherapy for treating its cancer of corruption.
Having said this, I would now like to take an unbiased approach and present a different perspective regarding this Anti-Corruption movement. Whether this movement will achieve its ultimate goal of abolishing corruption, time will tell; but let’s open our eyes and minds to what it has already accomplished:
  • This movement has brought the people of India together, without any biases of caste, religion, social or economic status. This has happened for the first time ever in the history of independent India. The concerns regarding dalits and minorities not being adequately represented are rather unfounded and paranoid.
  • Somewhere along the long journey of 64 years of independent India, the people had lost the pride of being Indian. This Anti-Corruption movement has brought back the patriotic flavor with a pinch of pride in the heart of young India.
  • It has reversed the thinking equation of corruption from the “acceptability of its presence” to the “will to curb the increasing menace of corruption”.
  • It has metamorphisized the cynicism and ‘chalta hai’ attitude of our people into hope and a strong will to change the sorry state of affairs.
  • India can now boast of setting a unique example for the entire world by putting up a nation wide peaceful protest for full 13 days, without any incidence of non-violent act.
  • Last but not the least; it has awakened the middle class to come out of their comfort zone and shed the complacent attitude, thus involving themselves actively in the political matters of the country.
One mass movement, one fast and 13 days have brought the equality and unity of India back. So, before discussing the pros and cons of Anna Hazare’s Anti-Corruption movement, spare a thought to what this movement has already given our country.
My salute to all the people who form the backbone of this movement, and also lakhs of people who supported this movement by taking a stand against corruption.
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  1. Superb post! This is so true!

    And I fully agree that instead of discussing the pros and cons of the movement, we should look at the incredible achievements of the movement. Frankly, I never though I will be ever able to witness and experience what I did witness and experience.

    Keep writing.


    Keyur :)

  2. We still have a very long way to go , I agree on above points but again accomplishment mentioned above are very tiny step towards actual anti corruption movement.
    Wakening/uniting of common people and all such feeling died within few days after the Anna's fast got over. I think we would have achieved something if that jasba (feelings) keep going on for at least say 100 to 1000 more such movements …
    Just a thought ! :)

  3. Sorry folks for replying so late to your wonderful views.
    @Rohit You are absolutely right in saying that we have a long way to go. But finally we have made a start, a great and an enthusiastic beginning. Not only I have hope but confidence too that Anna 'jolt' which awakened the nation from its slumber will not let the momentum die.

    @ Mind BTML It is indeed the awakening of a collective conscience.

    @ Chitra Thanks and Jai Hind :)

  4. While I appreciate the Anna's sincerity towards the betterment of his country, his methods were suspect…..well ok I dont have the answers but a thought did occur tht he is an old man & if something happened to him while fasting just imagine the repercussions of his actions…and I'm not talking abt him, the trail of destruction following[we all know how our people react in times like these] wd have been tragic for the country.

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