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Americanisation of India

You must have heard the phrase “Missing the forest for the trees”. That’s what we all do when talking about America. I agree that Americans are honest, have integrity and have excelled themselves in technology and resource developments. However, there are more important issues where America needs to reflect upon its policies; but sadly no one (including media) talks about it and we also prefer to turn a blind eye to that. Well, here are some questions which are downright eye openers.
  • Who created Taliban?  AMERICA.  India, apart from other countries, is a victim of this creation.
  • Who funds the terrorism? AMERICA.
  • Who dumps its industrial waste in other countries? AMERICA
  • Who promoted Globalization and abolished the work culture of India? AMERICA. This has lead to widespread exploitation of working individuals in India, thereby hampering not only their health but also their family lives.
  • Who promotes consumerism worldwide? AMERICA. This has promoted materialism to obsessive levels.
  • Who encourages a lifestyle which causes rampant misuse of ecological reserves and talk about Green Revolution? AMERICA. A small example of this is the advent of ‘wooden flooring’ in buildings which is being considered as a sign of luxury.
  • Who created ‘Corporate Culture’ promoting extravagance in work place and encouraged work slavery in office? AMERICA.
  • Who believes in Wars and destroyed several countries, killing innocent people, on pretext of defense? AMERICA.
  • Who religiously believes and literally follows phrases like “Divide and Rule”, “All is fair in love and war”? AMERICA.
  • Who believes in ruthlessly destroying unique cultures of several countries, promoting not only western culture but also economic slavery? AMERICA.
We had a great quality of life before the clutches of Globalization, Consumerism and Terrorism invaded India; now we seem to have a great quality of living which has cost us our wonderful quality of life. India has always been a peace loving nation, which neither encouraged wars nor imposed its rich culture on others. Sadly, it has been molded economically, mentally and culturally to suit the needs of powerful nations like America.
P.S: The intention of this article is not to hurt anybody’s feelings. I am not against America and its citizens but simply voicing my views against certain policies of America, which are causing great harm to developing nations like India.
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  1. I think it's unfair to pinpoint America when many others countries do the same heinous things, but with different pretexts and varying frequency. I believe that most first world countries would be guilty of all these.

  2. Thank you "Lemons" for dropping a line on this burning issue. It is always better to get perspective from all the sides. You are right about the fact the at I have singled out America, when all other first world countries are involved in making such policies. But it is the policies of America which affect India the most. Thank you once again for your open minded views.

  3. May be America is the most powerful country in this world but the skills and technology is taken from India and China. Even the president too want American students to be well educated like Indian students.

  4. Excellent article on the issue which most of us don't know or perhaps we can say, the 'powerful' one has masked everyone from the truth…While I also would like to make it clear that I am not against America or their people, I totally agree with the policies that has affected us and I am sure, it will be affecting us for a long time..

    Sharing this with my friends and will be following your blogs from now..

  5. @ hire awp I am glad to hear your point of view.
    @ Sunil You have rightly pointed out that the policies of America will be affecting us for a long time. We, as a nation, need to remember that we are independent economically and mentally. We do not need American colonization in India. It's time to say 'Quit India'.

  6. I agree with some of your points, but this is mostly like blaming someone of kiiling you when you din't fight back.
    I know America is strong and others don't stand a chance. But a countries strength lies in its people and they should beleive in their country and should not think that their culture or their things are inferior.
    If you see in Europe, people are proud of their culture, they don't want to give it up in any situation. Even some countries in Asia like Japan, Korea…. they are attached to their culture.

    In India, people feel good when they speak English. I meet people outside India and very few of them prefer to speak in Hindi.

    I am sorry most of my comments are on the cultural issue because that's one of the most important things I am concerned about.

    I strongly believe people need to change, they need to take pride on being Indian rather than being western. I can sense the change has started and soon the time will come……

  7. @ DJ- You have put up an excellent point regarding the culture. In fact, being proud of one's own heritage is the first step towards strengthening the confidence of any country. And this patriotic confidence can lead India to do wonders.

    @ Noir- :)

  8. @Neha – I completely agree with you… And thats the kind of change we need to bring and proliferate…

    India has one of the richest cultures in the world and people need to know it more.

    It would be hard but I guess its the right way to do…..

  9. @ Rishi Globalization per say is not a bad thing. But when this globalization is causing an uneven growth in India, we need to look at it without the shades. The globalization is pushing us to imbibe the ideals of capitalism along with it, which I feel is quite harmful for a country like India, which is extremely diverse economically. I'll be writing about 'Globalization' sometime in near future and then we can embark upon a full fledged discussion on it :)

  10. I don't think Americanization is good for America, much less for India! For one thing, there are a lot of poor, hungry, and uneducated people in America. It seems that for a country in such high regard, these social problems should be at a minimum. India needs to be careful about following a model based on Americanization and perhaps develop cultural advancement based on a different country, for example Denmark!

  11. I guess your blog, free statements as a democratic citizen speaks technology and america in equal lines. The post has a very narrow view to looking at things.

    Bas. Dekh liye. Bol diya. Hame sochna nahi hai.

    all the best with it.

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