Alluring Aromas

Today morning, when I was having my first cup of hot coffee, its revitalizing aroma made me gather the scattered thoughts aromas in our lives which we usually take for granted; but they sometimes bring a satisfactory smile on our faces. This is just to share some of my favorite aromas which often make me realize that I have a sense of smell too ;)

•    First and foremost, invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee (especially in early winter mornings)
•    Rusty smell of old books (which often make me want to get lost in an old dusty library)
•    Inky smell of new books (makes me nostalgic, reminding me of school days when we used to get the new set of books for the new academic session)
•    Aroma of bakery products in a small bakery shop (surely makes my stomach rumble!)
•    Hungry smell of earth in the first rains (makes it hard to resist getting drenched in the rains)
•    Hazy smell of impending dust storm
•    Salty smell of sea air
•    Haunting, chilling smell in the historical monuments (especially the deserted ones)
•    Earthen smell of water kept for long in a terracotta pot (make me more thirsty for water!)
•    Smell of moist freshness in dense fog
•    Damp smell of trees in hills and mountains
•    Last but not the least, tranquilizing and cozy smell of small babies

Please feel free to add to this list of everlasting …..unforgettable…..AROMAS!

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  1. What a fabulous list! I wonder if these aromas are universally appealing?

    I also love the aroma of:
    – a hot cup of English tea steaming under my nose
    – Pancakes cooking on simmering butter (totally mouth-watering)
    – Garlic frying in olive oil creating a sense of anticipation of what is to come
    – Timber and woodchips…my dad was a carpenter when I was little…always brings back childhood memories.

    Thanks for the post!

    Lauren K

  2. enjoying the alluring aromas,
    decent aromatic writeup.
    Aroma of alphonsoe mangoes
    aroma of leechies
    aroma of kake di hatti paranthaas
    aroma of old delhi pindiwale chole bhatoore
    aroma of paneer tikka
    the list is endless
    sorry I could think of only food aromas

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