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Reading so many painful and unfortunate incidents in people’s lives pushed me into writing this post.  Maybe we all are doing this the wrong way. It’s time we focus on the positives in our life. A thoughtful action, a compassionate smile, words full of sincere warmth that came from unexpected corners. We need to create some positive vibes to downplay the effects of negativity of the times. How can we ever bring positivity by thinking and talking only of ill-fated incidents?

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Life is not like mathematics; two negatives would not make a positive. One random act of compassion, one look of empathy, from a stranger to another is the start of a beautiful chain. That’s exactly how this universe would carry positive vibes.

An Auto Incident in Delhi

This seems like decades back when I was just in my early 20s. I was new to the city of New Delhi. One evening, I had to go to meet someone and I thought of walking down the road. It was just 7 pm, when I was briskly walking on a relatively lonely stretch. Suddenly an auto slowed near me and all my senses went on red alert. But then it moved on without stopping. I breathed a sigh of relief. But before my breath could become air, I saw that auto coming to a halt a few steps ahead of me. All the warning sirens started blazing inside my mind. My Flight or Fight hormone was ready to get into action.  As I tried to bravely walk past that auto, the lady inside it peeped out and enquired what was I doing on that road?

Her question perplexed me and I answered “I am going to meet someone, who resides just round the corner. Is there a problem?” My rudeness masked my nervousness.

She remarked “You look like a girl from a good family. And I guess you are not aware that this stretch of road is notorious as a pick up point for hookers.”

She must have seen my eyes widen in shock because the next thing she asked, put me in a dilemma.

“Come, I will give you a lift to your destination. It’s just a short distance from here.”

After seeing my hesitation, she added “I am going in the same direction. So just hop in.”

I felt a tug of war between my common sense and my gut instinct. And in the end, my common sense lay slaughtered by the brimming gut instinct. I was so scared to be taken as a hooker that I jumped into that auto. However my fight and flight hormone sat like an armour with me, ready to strike if the need arise. That lady was however so sweet and motherly. She told me that I need to be more careful in future, especially walking on such stretches of road!

“It’s a bad world we live in dear.” she quipped. Then she made the auto stop at my place. I got off and murmured a gruff thank you. I had not even seen the face of that woman clearly because I was busy being suspicious of her and the situation. I wish I had thanked her more warmly and sincerely at that time. But I was too scared at that moment. I hope someday my gratitude through this post reaches her.

The lady’s selfless gesture that day strengthened my faith in humanity. May be it’s a bad world we live in but people like her have certainly made it better.

Cab at Night:

There is another recent incident when I was on the roads of Delhi, sitting in a cab around 10 pm at night. We all are aware of many horrifying incidents we read in newspapers almost on a regular basis. So obviously, when the cab driver was taking me from some short cuts, I firmly asked him to use the main roads.

The driver politely replied, “Madamji, that is a longer route. But if you so wish, I will take you from whichever route you want.” I breathed a sigh of relief and sat back.

Just 10 minutes after that, my cab stopped …it seemed there was a problem. The cab driver politely apologized and asked me to book another cab. I was near the bus stop of Munirka, infamously known for the Nirbhaya episode. You can very well imagine my situation. It was around 11 pm at night, and I am in a cab in Delhi, that had broken down. Not a situation any Delhi girl would like to be caught in.

Well, I booked another cab and started to step out. However this cab driver requested me to wait inside his cab. He said, “Madamji, it won’t be safe for you to wait outside. I request you to please wait inside my cab. I will wait here until the other cab comes.”

And I did just that. After 10 minutes, my other cab was there. As I started to pay him, he declined the money and again apologized for the inconvenience caused to me. I had to literally persuade him to take the amount. I thanked him for the kind consideration and left with a nicer feeling that this world is after all not such a bad place. Every stranger on the road at night is not a predator.

Santa Claus with Books:

Last but not the least, I recently met a couple who gave a huge carton of children’s books to my library. Books that were a part of treasure for their daughter, books that were selective and awesome, books that must have been dear to them, books that were so well kept like jewels. They simply handed over the books to me, as if asking me to adopt them and take care of them. And they were equally thankful to me that I was humble enough to accept them. And they were complete strangers! Whoever said they don’t believe in Santa Claus! Think again! Well, they were Santa Claus for my library children.

Law of Attraction:

There are many such incidents where I have experienced the compassionate facets of strangers. I strongly believe that the more we see the Good, the more we talk about Good, the more we spread the Good in our thoughts, words and actions, the more this universe will hum with the same wavelength. It is how the Law of Attraction works.

You can call me an idealist with an eternal optimism or a hopeless romantic. But I believe that this world is beautiful even with all its flaws and cracks. And this life is even more beautiful. I implore all the readers to please spread the warmth of buoyancy around. This world needs the power of optimism; it needs the power of magic to run. Hope you make someone’s day good today.

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