A Little Bit About Neha Gupta

Blogger Author Neha GuptaHello! My name is Neha Gupta (my poetic alter ego is NeGatz). Welcome to my personal website, my thinking playground that showcases what I have been doing. I started my career as a doctor but my passion for WORDS pulled me into the world of books.

What Do I Do?

  • I play with words (you could call me a writer, I suppose)
  • I read more than I eat (yes, really!)
  • I run an online book rental for kids, and it goes by the name of BuzzingBooks. It shares its birthday with me in June, though it is 36 years younger to me (oops! Did I share my age with you just now!)
  • I give pep-talks to my friends and strangers (though I don’t know how much that is appreciated! Write to me if you want one too.)

What Can I Do For You?

  • Give you access to hoards of children’s books (just take a BuzzingBooks membership if you happen to be a resident of Noida)
  • Give you books for free if you are a School or an NGO or a haven for underprivileged children. And if you ask nicely, I might just write a sweet blog post about you and try to raise donations for you.
  • Write an honest and interesting review of your book. (Authors, are you listening?)
  • Give a piece of my mind, now and then (it’s there for free all over in my blog posts)
  • Pen a poem or story for you. (Do you happen to be a famous magazine?)
  • Share my cake with you (that’s why, all my friends happen to be fat)

What Do I Believe In?

  • A lot of hard work and perseverance
  • Mysticism, Optimism, Romanticism (in short, all the good “isms”)

What Do I Love?

  • Words (as in reading, writing and talking)
  • Travelling (both inside and outside my mind)
  • Dancing like no one’s watching
  • Aging (it’s something inevitable, so I thought I better start loving it)
  • And I love YOU (for caring enough to read this till the end)
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