A Traveller’s Affair

I have traveled far and wide, seen the unseen,
experienced the thrills, imbibed the serenity
and explored foreign streets.

I have tasted
bitter-sweet pangs of loving and leaving a place.
I am famished for more, to see and explore the unknown.

Traveling is a love affair an affair with myriad places.
Some chunks from my heart
lie scattered all over those places.

My only regret is, to have stayed a little longer,
embraced them a little harder, explored some more nooks and corners
and been more wanton.
But it was always time to move on.

I will go back to those old flames, those places where my heart still resides.
I will ignite my fading memories, and once again imbibe and breathe
the scents that had once enticed me.

As for now,
I have a home to keep, a house to run, a family to feed and work to do.
But my traveling affairs will always stay alive.
My trysts with travels have changed something inside me.
I am a different person every time I am back

But as they say,
time moves on and so do we.

This post has been written as part of #Barathon challenge, hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.
The prompt for today, August, 6th, 2016 is Wishful Thinking.

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