A Silent Plea

29th October, 2005 terror blast at Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi
I was excitedly doing the last minute shopping before Diwali, mentally ticking off the ‘To Buy’ things from my list. As I was coming out of a shop with my hands full with shopping bags, I heard a deafening blast. For a second I thought the sky fell over my head. I was engulfed in a shroud of smoke. For a moment there was an uneasy silence. And then the chaos, the shrieks of people, the painful cries started. I staggered back to my feet somehow. My shirt was splattered with blood…whose blood I didn’t know!
And then my eyes fell upon the bodies strewn all over, some intact and some lay slaughtered. Blood was splashed all over, people were shouting out of panic, some running helter-skelter and some sat on road in silent shock. It was a ghastly sight.
I gathered myself  and moved ahead when I saw a pair of tiny shoes, blue in colour. They were packed in a transparent box with a red ribbon on top. I guess that was a red ribbon and not blood. I picked them up and saw a small note printed on it that read- “To my dearest little one”
My heart almost flipped over. A dozen thoughts ran through my mind. Whose tiny shoes these must be? I looked around frantically. But I saw only shadows of men, women and children severely injured and battling for life. I was aghast and horror stricken. This must be hell….yes, this surely must be hell.
I didn’t know whose shoes are these but they seemed to be shouting silently that somewhere a child must be suffering a loss- A loss of her mother, a loss of her father or a loss of her relative, loss of innocence or loss of her own life.
These tiny shoes are a silent plea to all the terrorists to stop the mindless mayhem of ghastly murders. This serves no purpose. Isn’t it said that God resides in every being. Every time a terror strike happens, some part of God is killed, a whiff of innocence buried, a slice of peace sacrificed. Let these tiny shoes serve as a reminder of this loss that humanity can never ever recover from.
May we have peace on earth.
This post has been written as part of #Barathon challenge, hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. 
The prompt for today, August, 5th, 2016 is Tiny Shoes
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