LifePoems by Negatz

A Date With Solitude

Solitude with fortitude is really bliss
The journey of thoughts runs across the mind
Bringing some memories of the vaporized time
Never give a date with solitude a miss
Or you will never have a divine fill.
Some thoughts are uplifting
And some are poignant,
Some are melancholy,
Others are enchanting
But these precious thoughts
Like prized jewels
Get intertwined among themselves
And amalgamate into our deepest consciousness.
And when I land back to reality
From my date with solitude
I feel a sense of serenity
Long lost in the drought of thoughts
And now I feel energized
To begin a new day
Amidst the crowd of unknown faces
And turbulent feelings
But my solitude gifted thoughts
Slip from my mind
Like smooth sand
Gone very fine
 And then I feel a void so deep
I have bled my cherished memories,
My thoughts, my imagination
All entangled among themselves
Amalgamated into an alloy
What is real; what is surreal
I cannot make out it seems
But Solitude with fortitude was indeed a bliss.
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