51 Powerful Poems That Will Compel You To Think

Uncaged: A Teenage Anthology

Tring! Tring!

“Congratulations Neha! Your book got launched today. How does it feel?”, my friend’s voice boomed on the phone.

I corrected her misconception immediately and told her that the book is not mine. It was never meant to be. It belongs to the youth of today and the future of tomorrow. It was only when she asked this question, I realized that I was more content than happy. My work is done. I was meant to be a medium, a channel that helped their words travel far and wide around the world.

I have a dream…

Many years back, when I was a little girl, I dreamed of having my work published. I used to pour my heart and my ideas onto scraps of paper (I still do that), or in my diary hoping someday someone might read them and be inspired. But my words, my hope, my dreams got caged amidst those pages…with dried flowers and leaves…never to see the daylight.

Not that my work was never published. I still remember those moments when an article or two of mine got published in school magazines or children section of Hindustan Times. I used to be so thrilled and suddenly infused with fresh enthusiasm and a dose of confidence to write more.

But it never felt enough. It never felt eternal, with newspapers getting redundant the very next day and school magazines stored in farthest corners of cupboards never to be opened again. I had a dream…a dream of my words to be INKED FOREVER in a book.

Alas we never had the kind of opportunities and exposure like today. Very soon my dream faded and words forgotten. Studies, career, other responsibilities took over. But that childhood itch remained!

A dream gets fulfilled….

This initiative of hunt for teenage talent and give them an opportunity to get their poems inked has stemmed from that childhood desire.

Today, it gives me immense pleasure to be a medium where I could encourage children to write, where I could given them a platform for their WORDS, a platform I never had in my own childhood. And I understand how much that matters to a child, especially a teenager who is already in grip of conflicting thoughts and shaky confidence. Today, it is so heartening to see their faces beaming with joy and confidence.

A collage of teenage poets
Teenage poets featured in UNCAGED

You never know, one of these teens might grow up to become a sensational author and write his/her own bestseller!! Only time will tell. Our job as parents and guides is to motivate them and give them as many opportunities as possible that can help them explore their own selves. These are 51 poems penned by teenagers from India and around the world. They are so heartwarming and profound. Their words are meant to be read by the world! You will be amazed at their sensitivity and wisdom.

A collage of teenage poets
Teenage poets featured in UNCAGED

May 2020 is when this book got Uncaged! And with that the dreams, hopes and words of teenage writers too. I really hope UNCAGED gives them hope and confidence to tread ahead in their journey of their choosing without any fear and inhibitions.

What others are saying…

UNCAGED- A teen anthology book that has given voice to the teens of today.

My dear teen writers,

It’s time to UNCAGE your thoughts
It’s time to UNCAGE your words
It’s time to UNCAGE your desires
It’s time to UNCAGE yourself & soar

To book your copy, please click here. 

Sincere gratitude to authors Ms. Geeta Dharmarajan, Dr. Mithin Aachi and Ms. Veena Nagpal  for sharing their  views in the book.

The book UNCAGED is also available as a kindle version on Amazon.

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